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Bill Flores Discusses This Week in Washington

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WASHINGTON, D.C. , October 25, 2019 | Andre Castro (202-225-6105) | comments

U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-Texas) issued the following statements regarding H. Res. 630, Condemning and Censuring Representative Adam Schiff; and H.R. 4617, the Stopping Harmful Interference in Elections for a Lasting Democracy (SHIELD) Act:

Condemning and Censuring Representative Schiff
"The sham impeachment process led by House Democrats is an affront to the American people. This secret hearing process breaks long-established rules and precedent while violating due process for the Administration. The committee chairman and ringleader of this partisan witch hunt, Adam Schiff, has repeatedly misled the American public. He lied publicly when he stated that the committee and/or his staff had not had contact with the so-called whistleblower.  He also fabricated a transcript to mischaracterize events during a committee hearing.  Worst of all, he is hiding key facts regarding witness testimony while only leaking snippets of information which fit the Democrat’s false impeachment narrative.

"Because of Representative Schiff’s blatant deception and disregard for the truth, I joined my fellow colleagues in sponsoring a resolution to condemn and censure him for his irresponsible behavior. This week, House Republicans moved to bring this resolution to the House floor, only to have House Democrats block a vote on this measure. It is unconscionable that House Democrats allow this reckless and unethical behavior to go on without consequences. This shows the lengths they are willing to go to impeach a duly elected president.  Their focus on impeachment is being done at the expense of seeking bipartisan legislative solutions that benefit all Americans.

"House Democrats also continue to deny the ability for me and my fellow colleagues to view transcripts of interviews regarding their so-called impeachment inquiry.  As such, I have formally requested to have access to all transcripts the Democrats have kept shrouded from the American people during this sham process. Keeping members of Congress and the hundreds of thousands of people they each represent in the dark about these proceedings, regardless of party affiliation, betrays the trust of the American people."

"It is unacceptable for a foreign entity to meddle in our elections. What took place in 2016 when President Obama was in the White House must never be allowed to happen again. Rather than working with Republicans in a bipartisan manner to ensure that our elections are free from foreign influence, House Democrats chose to act alone on the partisan and misleading SHIELD Act. This bill mandates egregious federal overreach in our elections by allowing Washington bureaucrats to determine what qualifies as so-called ‘legitimate’ journalistic activities. It also applies outdated and inadequate over-the-air TV regulations to modern online advertisements. Additionally, it would grossly infringe on our First Amendment right to express our beliefs and free speech by greatly expanding the definition of electioneering. I voted against this bill because it is nothing more than another attempt by House Democrats to control and restrict free speech while doing nothing to actually prevent hostile interference from Russian or other foreign actors in our elections. Even the liberal American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has said that this bill ‘strikes the wrong balance, sweeping too broadly and encompassing more speech than necessary to achieve its legitimate goals.’

"If House Democrats are serious about preventing foreign meddling in our elections, they should work with Republicans to pass the Honest Elections Act. I am a cosponsor of this bill because it would actually protect our election process by making important updates to existing election laws, dedicate more resources to effectively deter foreign meddling and modernize political ad disclosures to keep pace with 21st century technologies. Unlike the ineffective Democrat solution, this bill keeps those wishing to harm us from intruding in our elections and protects our right to free speech."


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