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Bill Flores Discusses This Week in Washington

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WASHINGTON, D.C. , September 13, 2019 | Andre Castro (202-225-6105) | comments

U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-Texas) released the following statements regarding H.R. 1760, the Advanced Nuclear Fuel Availability Act; and three damaging energy bills (H.R. 205, H.R. 1941 and H.R. 1146). The Congressman also announced that his office is seeking nominations for the 2019 TX-17 Congressional Veteran Commendation.

Advanced Nuclear Fuel Availability Act
"American innovators are working on the next-generation of nuclear reactors to keep our country at the forefront of the world’s most efficient and reliable source of zero-emissions energy. This week, the House unanimously passed my bipartisan bill, the Advanced Nuclear Fuel Availability Act. This bill establishes a public-private partnership to develop, manufacture and transport the advanced nuclear fuels needed to power future generations of clean and safe nuclear reactors. Current investments in next-generation nuclear power will ensure that America will maintain its competitive advantage and remain the global leader for this critical energy source. Nuclear power is the only proven, real-world zero-emissions solution that provides efficient, 24/7 baseload electric power for use in our homes, schools and businesses. U.S. leadership in this industry will power a growing economy and job opportunities for hardworking American families while helping reduce emissions." 

Click on the image above to watch Congressman Flores’ House floor remarks supporting passage of the Advanced Nuclear Fuel Availability Act.

Damaging Energy Bills
"Thanks to America’s energy renaissance, our country has been able to completely transition from energy scarcity to energy abundance. In fact, the U.S. recently became a net energy exporter. This transition has created jobs and economic growth, improved trade balances and shifted huge geopolitical power away from Russia and the Middle East. Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration believe that we should continue to promote and expand America’s energy dominance. Our taxpayer-owned energy reserves play a critical role in growing our economy, creating jobs and keeping energy prices affordable for hardworking Americans. The punitive and misguided bills proposed by House Democrats (and one Republican) this week will restrict access to our abundant energy resources. This, in turn, will increase our dependence on foreign sources of energy from foes like Russia and Iran. Instead of Speaker Pelosi forcing votes on messaging bills that would lock-away our domestic energy resources and harm America’s energy and national security, the House should be working on policies that maximize America’s abundant energy resources for the benefit of all hardworking American families."

Call for 2019 TX-17 Congressional Veteran Commendation Nominations
"In addition to selflessly serving our nation, many of our local veterans continue their service by giving back to our communities. The actions of these brave men and women are deserving of recognition and distinction. For the eighth consecutive year, our office is seeking nominations of deserving veterans for the TX-17 Congressional Veteran Commendation, a special tribute to honor the military and community service of local veterans. The award winners are traditionally announced on Veterans Day and the awards are presented during the weeks that follow.

"The community’s involvement in the nomination process has helped us recognize the exceptional service of over 90 local veterans. To be eligible for nomination, veterans must currently reside in the 17th Congressional District and serve both our nation and our communities honorably during their military and post-military careers. I am looking forward to seeing who will be nominated this year and learning more about the veterans who make our great communities even better."

For more information regarding the TX-17 Congressional Veteran Commendation and to nominate a veteran, visit or contact our Waco District Office at (254) 732-0748. The submission deadline for nominations is Thursday, October 31, 2019.


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