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Flores Recaps Summer Town Hall Series

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WACO, Texas, August 6, 2018 | Andre Castro (202-225-6105) | comments

Last week, U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-Texas) hosted two district-wide town hall events to discuss the work being done in Congress, answer constituent questions and to get feedback on various issues.

“As with our previous town hall events, our summer series of town halls was very successful in reaching thousands of constituents from all across the 17th Congressional District. I was encouraged by the participation we had and greatly valued the feedback received. We believe that our town halls are bringing representative government into the 21st century. Looking forward, we will continue to hold more of these events, which are convenient for and preferred by a large majority of our constituents,” Congressman Flores said.

During the events, Congressman Flores was able to reach over 7,500 constituents. Combined, the two events had over 3,400 direct participants on the telephone, while the Facebook and video feeds reached over 4,100 individuals. The archived video broadcasts of the events can be found at

Since the beginning of the 115th Congress in January 2017, Congressman Flores has held 11 town hall events with nearly 50,000 people participating. The cumulative responses received from participants during these events show that over 75 percent prefer the phone and internet town hall format over a physical town hall.

During the events, Congressman Flores posed six questions to constituents to get their opinions on various topics. The questions and combined results are as follows: 

1.  Do you think the country is on a better or worse track than it was two years ago?

  • Better – 72%
  • Worse – 28%

2.  What do you think is the best solution for dealing with children separated from their parents who are caught entering the U.S. illegally?
  • Separate the children from their parents while their case for illegal entry is being tried – 2%
  • Detain the children with the parents while their case for illegal entry is being tried – 21%
  • Drop the charges of illegal entry and let the children and parents stay in the U.S.– 5%
  • Release the children and parents to stay in the U.S. and expect them to appear for a future court date – 12%
  • Immediately send the children and their parents back to their country of origin – 60%

3.  How would you rate the status of our nation’s economy on a scale of 1-5?
  • Very Good Shape – 20%
  • Good Shape – 43%
  • Fair Shape – 27%
  • Poor Shape – 8%
  • Very Poor Shape – 3%

4.  Do you support work requirements for work-capable adults to receive welfare benefits?
  • Yes – 87%
  • No – 13%

5.  What is the most important issue that Congress should address between now and the end of 2018?
  • Border Safety / Immigration – 49%
  • Climate Change – 15%
  • Reducing Federal Deficits – 11%
  • Reform the Biggest Drivers of Our Deficits – Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid – 13%
  • Welfare Reform (Food stamps, etc.) – 7%
  • Obamacare Repeal & Replacement – 5%

6.  When it comes to holding town hall events, do you prefer this town hall format or physical town hall meetings?
  • Phone and Internet Town Hall – 78%
  • Physical Town Hall – 22%



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After careful consideration of the pros and cons of the border security and government funding bill, I elected to support President Trump by voting for the bill. This bill averts another partial government shutdown, provides an important down payment on a physical border barrier to address the security crisis along our southern border (all of which will be built in Texas), gives ICE the resources they need to detain violent criminals, and funds key initiatives to improve border security technology. I cannot and will not ever vote against a national security funding bill when there is not another achievable option to enable the federal government to fulfill its most important Constitutional mission – keeping hardworking American families safe.

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