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WASHINGTON, D.C. , December 6, 2017 | Andre Castro (202-225-6105) | comments

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. Congressman Bill Flores (R-Texas) issued the following statement regarding passage of the bill:

“Today, the House strengthened the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans by ensuring that these fundamental rights apply across state lines. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which passed the House with bipartisan support, affirms that law-abiding citizens who are issued a concealed carry license or permit in one state can carry in other states that also allow concealed carry. The bill also makes sure that federal and state agencies are reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System as prescribed by current law. Gaps in this system contributed to the tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Additionally, the bill calls for a report to be submitted to Congress by the Bureau of Justice Statistics regarding the use of bump stocks. It is important that we continue to protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens while at the same time working to improve public safety.”



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