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Prior to being elected to Congress, I was actively involved in finding solutions to America’s energy security, for over 30 years. Abundant, affordable, safe and efficient energy is one of the key "building blocks" for a vibrant economy and a healthy environment. To achieve this the House GOP is focused on promoting a plan for American energy independence by 2020. To do this we need to focus on real "all-of-the-above" American energy solutions. Unfortunately , too many elected officials and bureaucrats see things differently and they are driven by an ideology that relies on expensive and/or unproven technologies that raise the cost of energy and inhibit American economic growth. These polices hurt job and budgets of hardworking American families, especially lower income families. I ran for Congress because I am very concerned about America’s economic future and about the opportunities for our children and grandchildren to be able to experience the “American Dream.”

Our country needs a 21st century energy strategy that includes diverse set of efficient energy sources that are clearly safe, healthy, that allow us to move toward energy security, and to eliminate our dependence on unstable Middle East oil. House Republicans have put together an American Energy Plan for the future that fulfills those needs for our country, creates American jobs, and grows the American economy. This plan includes unlocking access and tapping into the vast amounts of taxpayer-owned energy resources both on our public lands and off our coasts. We must expand access to oil and gas exploration in the U.S. rather than trying to force non-economic sources of energy and technologies into the marketplace. A market-based energy policy that opens supply and prudently balances economics and environmental benefits will lower prices, create jobs and improve American security.

Developing America’s energy resources has been a crucial, yet hotly-debated issue and will continue to be a pressing matter as the global demand for energy increases. To address this growing concern, our focus as a country must turn towards access to American energy sources that will create jobs, grow our economy, and reduce our nation’s dependence on sources from foreign countries. I strongly support advancing a 21st century energy strategy that includes development of nuclear generated electricity, natural gas, clean coal, and oil, as well as alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal and biomass.
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