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Flag Request Form

  • A United States flag flown over the Capitol building is a patriotic way to recognize positive achievements for your family, community, or country. Please follow the instructions below to request a flag.
  • After submitting the completed form please print out your flag form.
  • Please wait to hear back from the Flag Coordinator for shipping costs before mailing your flag request form(s) and check to:
    Congressman Bill Flores 
    Attn: Flag Request
    1030 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
  • Checks for payment of all flag orders (see below) should be in the exact amount, made out to: 
    Bill Flores Office Supply Account
  • If you have any questions, please call 202-225-6105.
  • Allow at least 6 weeks for processing.

* indicates required information.

Your Name:
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Prices do not include shipping‡
Size Fabric Quantity Flown
over the Capitol
Quantity NOT Flown
over the Capitol
3'x5' Nylon @ $13.05 @ $9.00
3'x5' Cotton @ $13.30 @ $9.25
4'x6' Nylon @ $17.55 @ $13.50
5'x8' Nylon @ $22.05 @ $18.00
5'x8' Cotton @ $24.05 @ $20.00
S & H TBD‡
‡One of our Flag Coordinators will contact you about shipping prices.

Date to be Flown: (at least three weeks from this date)

Required certificate text:

This is to certify that the accompanying flag was flown over the United States Capitol on [date] in honor of...

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