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Memberships, Awards, and Recognition

In addition to serving as a Member on the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Committee on the Budget, Congressman Flores believes that leadership with congressional caucuses, community service boards and other various groups benefit the Central Texas community. His service has been recognized with many awards and accomplishments – a few of which are listed below. He is proud of these achievements and for the opportunity to represent the interests of Central Texans in Congress.


Chairman 114th Congress - Republican Study Committee

Congressional Army Caucus (Chairman John Carter)

Congressional Caucus on CPAs and Accountants (Chairman Mike Conaway)

Congressional Hispanic Conference (Chairman Mario Diaz-Balart)

Congressional Job Creators' Caucus (Chairman Reid Ribble)

Congressional Natural Gas Caucus (Chairman Tim Murphy)

Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus (Chairman Jeff Miller; Vice-Chairman Mike Ross)

House General Aviation Caucus (Chairman Sam Graves)

Sunset Repeal Caucus (Chairman Kevin Brady)

Values Action Team (Chairman Joe Pitts)

Aerospace Caucus (Chairman Pete Olson)

Unmanned Systems Caucus (Chairman Buck McKeon)

Zoo and Aquarium Caucus (Chairman Spencer Bachus)

Congressional Steel Caucus (Chairman Tim Murphy)

Diabetes Caucus (Chairman Ed Whitfield)

Cystic Fibrosis Caucus (Chairman Thomas Marino)

High Tech Caucus (Chairman Mike McCaul)

Immigration Reform Caucus (Chairman Ted Poe)

Texas Caucus on Shale Oil and Gas (Chairman John Cornyn and Chairman Henry Cuellar)

Childhood Cancer Caucus (Chairman McCaul)

Sunset Repeal Caucus (Chairman Brady)

Pilot Caucus (Chairman Graves)

Ports Caucus (Chairman Poe)

Maritime Caucus (Chairman Farenthold)

Freefile Caucus (Chairman Conaway)

Chicken Caucus (Chairman Crawford)

Border Security Caucus (Chairman Lamar Smith)

Veterinary Medicine Caucus (Chairman Yoho)

Air Medical Caucus (Chairman Pete Sessions)

Down Syndrome Caucus (Chairman Pete Sessions)


National Taxpayers Union  - Taxpayers’ Friend Award

National Association of Home Builders - Defender of Housing

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance - Medical Innovation Award

National Tax-Limitation Committee - Tax Fighter Award 

National Retail Foundation - Hero of Main Street

National Federation of Independent Business - Guardian of Small Business

Marfan Foundation - Distinguished Public Servant Award

Healthcare Leadership Council - Champion of Healthcare Innovation

International Foodservice Distributors Association - Thomas Jefferson Award

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Spirit of Enterprise Award 


Nucor Steel - Man of Steel Award

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Spirit of Enterprise Award

American Conservative Union - Award for Conservative Excellence

National Association of Manufacturers - Manufacturing Legislative Excellence Award

National Retail Foundation - Hero of Main Street

Alliance for Patient Access (AfPA) and the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs (NANASP) - Medicare Part D Patient Access Champion Award

Healthcare Leadership Council - Champion of Healthcare Innovation

Association of Builders and Contractors – Champion of Merit Shop

Foodservice Distributors Association - Thomas Jefferson Award.

American Academy of Ophthalmology - Visionary Award

American Conservative Union Conservative

Healthcare Leadership Council - Champion of Healthcare Innovation

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Spirit of Enterprise Award 

Cuban American National Council Award

The Eagle Readers Choice Award - Local Servant/ Elected Official

Medicare Advantage Champion

National Federation of Independent Business - Guardian of Small Business

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence 


American Conservative Union -  Defender of Freedom Award

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Spirit of Enterprise Award 

National Federation of Independent Business - Guardian of Small Business

American Conservative Union Award

Associated Builders and Contractors - Champion of the Merit Shop

60 Plus Association—Guardian of Senior Rights Award

Healthcare Leadership Council - Champion of Healthcare Innovation

International Foodservice Distributors Association- Thomas Jefferson Award

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Spirit of Enterprise Award

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) Benjamin Franklin Public Policy Award

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets - Hall of Honor

National Abstinence Education Foundation- Congressional Champion Award

60 Plus Association—Guardian of Senior Rights Award

Boss of the Plains Award - Congressman Flores received 2011 Boss of the Plains Award from the Ranching Heritage Association in Lubbock on June 10. Flores, who comes from a long line of ranchers, grew up working with his Dad and  brothers and sisters on a ranch in the Texas Panhandle. He believes he received a lot of his work ethic, his appreciation for history and closeness to family from working on the ranch. The principles for which the ranching industry are founded on – a belief in the free market economy, a belief in self-determination and a strength of self-accountability – are exactly what Congressman Flores is trying to fulfill in Congress today.

Guardian of Seniors' Rights Award - Because of his commitment to the elderly, Congressman Flores earned the coveted Guardian of Seniors' Rights award from the 60 Plus Association, a national non-partisan organization advocating lower taxes and an adherence to the Constitution. 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin said, "we seniors felt we should show our gratitude to dedicated lawmakers like Bill Flores who show compassion towards the elderly by pledging to 1) always protect Medicare, 2) always protect Social Security and 3)just as importantly, to vote against wasteful spending of our tax dollars, excessive spending that has our government now borrowing over 40 cents of every dollar it needs to pay its bills. Seniors have to balance their budgets and so should our government.”

100% Pro-Worker Score - In recognition of his dedication to workers' rights, Congressman Flores received a 100% Pro-Worker Score on the Competitive Enterprise Institute's (CEI) Labor Policy Scorecard. A public policy organization dedicated to the principles of free markets and limited government, CEI, created a Labor Scorecard, in which Flores scored 100% in support of workers' rights for the first part of the 112th Congress. The score is determined based on the CEI policy determinations that support worker freedom and the elimination of Big Labor’s privileges across the country. For updated scores maintained in real time visit

Competitive Enterprise Institute—100% Pro-Worker Award (Right to Work Group)


Texas A&M University—Distinguished Alumni Award

Texas A&M University Mays Business School- Outstanding Alumni Award

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June 19, 2020 Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, and Liberation Day, is an unofficial American holiday and an official Texas state holiday, celebrated annually on the 19th of June in the United States to commemorate Union army general Gordon Granger's reading of federal orders in the city of Galveston, Texas, on 19 June 1865, proclaiming all slaves in Texas were now free. Slavery had legally ended in 1863 but wasn’t announced in Galveston until 1865. Background of African Americans and Texas Politics Did you Know? • The Republican Party was formed in 1854 after the Democrats voted to protect and to extend slavery. • The 1860 Democrat platform declared its support for the Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott decision. • The 13th Amendment passed without a single Democrat vote in Congress for civil rights for African Americans. • The Republican Party of Texas emerged in Houston on July 4, 1867 with 150 African Americans and 20 Anglos. The same year, the Ku Klux Klan actively began to attack African Americans and Republicans. • Two of the first three statewide leaders of the Republican Party of Texas were African Americans. • The first 42 African Americans elected to the Texas Legislature were all Republicans. • From 1865-1869, Texas Democrats passed “Black Codes” to prohibit African Americans from voting, holding office, and serving on juries. They also refused to acknowledge Juneteenth and even drafted a new State constitution requiring that State Representatives and Senators only be “of the white race.” • When the Republicans gained the Texas Legislature in 1869, they established a system of free public schools to educate all the children of the State (something Democrats had refused to do) and started a Texas State Militia and a Texas State police in which African Americans proudly served. • When Democrats recaptured Texas government in 1872, Democrat Governor Richard Coke’s election was described as “the restoration of white supremacy and Democratic rule.” • Texas Democrats engaged in bizarre gerrymandering specifically to prevent African American members from being re-elected to the Legislature. When African American Republican legislator Robert L. Smith departed in 1897, no African American was elected in Texas until 1966, when the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Texas Democrats to redraw districts. • Texas Democrats enacted a poll tax that reduced African American voter turnout in Texas from 100,000 to only 5,000 and passed white-only primary laws as well as Jim Crow segregation laws. • As victims of Democrat racism and segregation, African Americans were loyal to the Republican Party they started. In fact, Republican President Herbert Hoover received more than three-fourths of the African American vote over his Democratic challenger Franklin D. Roosevelt. • Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first president to appoint an African American to an executive position on the White House staff. • A higher percentage of Republican Members of Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 than did Democrats. • African Americans made their most significant political and civil rights progress while affiliated with the Republican Party. Happy Juneteenth!

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