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The Eagle: U.S. Rep. Bill Flores speaks to Timber Academy's 36 graduates at ceremony

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Washington, May 29, 2015 | comments

By: Jordan Overturf 

Doctors. Chefs. Physical therapists. Military servicemen and women.

The 36 graduates from Timber Academy have many aspirations for life after high school, principal Dr. Margie Martinez said during Thursday's graduation ceremony in College Station. The one job not mentioned was becoming a politician like the guest commencement speaker, U.S. Rep. Bill Flores.

Parents, friends and teachers congregated in the sanctuary at Christ United Methodist Church to honor this year's graduates. Martinez said the class of 2015 has already made strides in becoming future leaders by fundraising, volunteering for community service and developing skills they will take into life.

"What I'd like for you to take with you are the experiences of learning and falling in love with learning," the principal said in her opening address.

Flores told the graduates to make a plan for life and stick to it. He also said to make sure that life is bold, rich and beautiful.

"Leave an impact on this world," he told graduates.

Flores also told the audience to not measure success in dollar amounts, but by the experiences gained and the goals achieved. And once they've achieved that success, Flores said, the students should become leaders and find ways to give back in service to others. Above all, he said, don't let success give way to pride.

An example he gave was the role of House Speaker John Boehner, the son of a bar owner and one of 12 children, whom Flores quoted as saying, "I'm just a regular guy with a big job."

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