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Coming from the private sector to Congress, I know that America can regain its economic strength and millions of new private-sector jobs will be created if we return to our founding, free-market principles and end big government intrusion and wasteful spending. It is clear that we cannot continue on the misguided and irresponsible path endorsed by the other side of the aisle of higher taxes, reckless spending, bigger government, explosive debt and deficits and out of control regulatory bureaucracies. 

My concern over our country’s fiscal situation led me to serve on the House Budget Committee. By taking action now, my Congressional colleagues and I have adopted a transformative "Path to Prosperity" budget that balances the federal budget in 10 years.  By following this blueprint, we can develop gradual, prospective changes to entitlement programs that keep our promises to those in or near retirement while securing those programs for future generatiosn.

In March of this year, Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) of the House Budget Committee introduced his fiscal year 2014 (FY2014) House budget plan, H. Con. Res. 25, to the House. The budget provides a responsible plan to balance the federal budget in 10 years and promote a healthy economy. This budget will hold Washington accountable to protect taxpayers and reform Washington’s wasteful spending habits. It is a bold plan that will fix our broken tax code, repair the safety net and expand opportunities for American families. This budget resolution will help promote American energy security, help re-establish American economic independence and create a more accountable, efficient and effective government. The bottom line is that it is a plan to grow our economy to produce more jobs and better paychecks for hardworking American families.

The House budget will help lead America towards a future that is prosperous and encourages economic growth. I am proud to have been asked by Chairman Ryan to serve on the Budget Committee and co-author a responsible, balanced budget that will restore America’s promise, prosperity and security.
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