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Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Congressman Flores dashes more conspiracy theories

Speaking of raised eyebrows and weaponry, citizens owe thanks to Congressman Bill Flores, R-Bryan, for again dismissing some of the latest wild conspiracy claims of area folks who believe President Obama means to overthrow the United States of America. This includes questions about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s procurement of 1.6 billion bullets this year.

Flores, whose opposition to the Obama administration is undisputed, nonetheless put these conspiratorial theories to rest at his town-hall meeting in Waco this week after someone asked if Homeland Security “is buying millions of rounds of ammunition, plus armored personnel carriers.”

Homeland security, Flores said, includes some 72,000 uniformed personnel and the bullets are purchased primarily for legitimate weapons training: “The Department of Homeland Security uses about 120 million bullets a year and they were buying them in a helter-skelter fashion, so Congress encouraged them to buy them on a five-year plan,” he explained. “So they put out a recent bid to buy like a billion bullets of various calibers.”

While our numbers vary some with Flores’, the message is clear: To save taxpayer cash they bought in bulk.

Flores scotched other claims, including one that Homeland Security purchased 2,700 armored carriers (sorry, that was the Department of Defense, though Homeland Security does have a handful) and that railway cars with shackles were purchased — part of a conspiracy theory about government-run concentration camps. “That’s not true,” said Flores, who cheerfully suggested folks not believe everything they read on the Internet.

We’d add that when you read repeated bogus claims online from such sources, you not return to those sources for even more bad information.

“I couldn’t wait for that one,” Flores said of the Homeland Security rumor about bullets. “I knew that one was coming.” Unfortunately, so did we.

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