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Help With Federal Agencies

One of the most important things I do as a U.S. Representative is help people with issues they may be having with the federal government. If you cannot get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, my offices may be able to act as a liaison between the citizens of Texas and the federal government. My office can assist in resolving a problem or getting you the information you need from federal agencies. Although I cannot override the decisions made by a federal agency, we can often intervene on a person's behalf to find answers to questions, help find solutions or just cut through the "red tape".

If you are having a problem with a federal office, in nearly all cases, it will be necessary for me to have from you a written and signed request for help which will enable a federal agency to relinquish information to me from your file. This is due to the Privacy Act of 1974, which states that the purpose of the Privacy Act is to protect individual rights of citizens by prohibiting the release of personal information about them to unauthorized parties. Please complete a printable version of the privacy authorization form to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act and then fax or mail it to your local district office. Also, please include copies of any pertinent documentation.

Privacy Release Form